Success Hypnosis For A CEO

He approached me and a network meeting: "I‘ve heard that you do Success Hypnosis for business owners. I think you can help me.“

Alex was a the owner of a future oriented business in the nano tech industry. However, he realized that he always made wrong leadership decisions which drove his business more and more towards bankruptcy.

No business coaching and being able to help him so far.

Years before he had 8 million in the bank but lost it all by bad investment decisions. He recovered with the help of his wife, built up this new business and was now again facing a downward spiral though being in a very promising and future oriented industry.

Research has shown for decades that all our decisions are driven by our subconscious mind.
But was wrong with is subconscious? To find out we we made an appointment for a Success Hypnosis session.

In the trance we looked into his subconscious mind and searched for the true underlying subconscious reasons. What we found was that deep inside his personality he actually did not want to have the responsibility as a leader of people, but rather be a solopreneur and crypto investor.

But how could he transform himself without going bankrupt?

We discussed the options and then – in hypnosis – made a deal with this subconscious:
First his subconscious would help make his current business profitable again, and then he would do his part and sell it, so that he would have the funds to start his crypto engagement.

He left happily and 1.5 years later he wrote me an email and said that his deal with the subconscious had come true exactly as we set it up.

Now he is a happy crypto investor!

Success Hypnosis
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