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Why Working Harder Might Ruin You

Why Working Harder Might Ruin You

Dr. Caroline, in her fifties, was running her specialized medical practice. She had a full schedule, four employees, and worked between 50 and 60 hours per week. However, she did not really earn money because of the high business loan she had taken up to start her practice. In fact, she had to sell her house to be able to invest between 3,000 and 5,000 EURO every month into her practice.

Since she knew me from several workshops she called me one day and said, “If there is someone who can help me you are the only one”.

What Was wrong?

This is what I found working with her: She was driven by fear of bankruptcy, so she could not make rational decisions. She was not educated in terms of cost effectiveness and profitability in a medical practice. On top of that she was not a leader personality, she behaved rather like an employee. She didn’t really know how to operate her computer system. Her most skilled assistant had been assigned to answering incoming phone calls which was a total waste of her capacity. The waiting room was stuffed with fear inducing flyers and posters, which subconsciously deterred high-value patients.

The psychological reason behind her economic and leadership struggle was her unresolved childhood trauma with her mother, an ongoing conflict with her siblings, and the recent loss of her partner, who had died from cancer. This sadness added to her subconscious self-worth issue.

How the VOILÀ-System Solved Her Problems

I created a 5 step system to help my clients. It is called the VOILÀ system:

The V stands for ‘Valuing the past’. You cannot have a successful future if you don’t know what had happened earlier in your life. With ‘Success Hypnosis‘ we found out her subconscious self-worth issue, a leftover from her childhood trauma.
The ‘O‘ stands for Outcome. We created a bright future vision, with high-value patients flooding her practice.
The next step is to Identify and find Information. She had to understand were problems all came from, and how the human mind really ticks, what was really in her way.
Now she Learned new skills. That is step #4. She improved her computer skills, and how to offer needy patients her special treatments. We did role-playing on how to talk to the patients and to her employees, and we trained her staff. She learned how to overcome her fears and to transform limiting beliefs
The last step is Action. We rearranged the waiting room to convey a positive impression/mood to the patients, she created flyers and posters and now her practice began to flourish. We cut down her work time to below 45 hours per week because only a restaurant Dr. is an excellent doctor. We rearranged the tasks of her employees according to the to their technical and motivational skills with the patients.
The Results

After 3 months the number of patients had increased by 25%. After 9 months working with me her tax advisor called her: “You have to pay income tax now because you had made a profit of €23,000”. Now, instead of losing money every month, she was finally earning money with your work.


Before you follow the well-meant advice “work harder, take massive action”, check the direction where you are going. Learn where you have to upgrade your mindset and your skills, eliminate your fears and transform your limiting beliefs. Success happens in your mind first, so, start there.