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A Systematic Approach to Living a More Fulfilling Life

A Systematic Approach to Living a More Fulfilling Life

All individuals are different and as a result, the definition of a successful, fulfilling life will vary from one individual to the next based on who they are. Of utmost importance in defining one’s individual success, an individual needs to embrace the concept that as humans we are essentially all wired the same way. We all are programmed from a young age and our core beliefs and success drivers are a combination of nature (who we are as humans) and what we’ve been exposed to throughout our life.

The Subconscious Mind

Our programs are stored in what we call the subconscious mind. Here they run like an autopilot and control our autonomous nervous system, in order to keep us alive.

Unfortunately, not all programming in the youth is in our favor as adults. In fact, what used to be supporting can become a real impediment in later life. This is why we struggle, and because it is unconscious we don’t know why.

Success Hypnosis

Through a coaching process called Success Hypnosis, which is an advanced form of clinical hypnosis and professionally performed by a physician or a psychologist, these subconscious and invisible blockages can be found, resolved, and replaced with the specific short and long-term goals. This can be done for business as well as for relationship goals or personal health. and the individual success plan is to be stored in the subconscious.

This individual success plan can achieve a balance between the three areas of life that have been addressed to achieve ultimate happiness – business, relationships and personal. The process incorporates get a true, meaningful understanding of who we are, our true “why” if you will. All aspects of life have to be driven by a sense of purpose and boilerplate success models and conventional wisdom are concepts that should not be embraced if happiness is the end goal; ultimately if an individual is doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons, then at a subconscious (and in some case conscious as well), that individual will never truly feel successful and happy.

The “VOILA” System

The success hypnosis is part of a proprietary method termed “VOILÁ-System”. It incorporates the following principles:

“V”: Value the past

“O”: Outcome; create, envision a future

“I”: Identify the source of one’s problems, what‘s really in the way

“L”: Learn the skills necessary to overcome those problems

“A”: Action; implement the acquired to take one’s life to the next level

The process by which the VOILÁ-System would be effective must include a mentor who listens and is adept at understanding the individual’s core beliefs and desires and must know how to illicit subconscious drivers that have resulted in making the individual who they are today and more importantly who they should become in the future.

There are many concepts that need to be included in the drive towards one’s individual success, but priority management driving time management, acknowledging fears and limiting beliefs, and making sure one communicates both internally and externally what they want are out of life are of paramount importance.